Friday, November 28, 2008


Husband:"So I see these dudes when I'm out running, they are in a camouflaged kayak, and they've got these rifles"

Me : "What the?? People can't hunt around here? Anyways, what are they going to do? Strap a deer on the kayak??" (thinking, how dumb can people be?)

Husband : "No. They're probably shooting birds, dummy"

Me : " " nothing, I"m laughing too hard.

Me : "What the?? You just blast the Hell out of the bird? And then what?"

Husband : "You go find it, stick a pepper up it's butt, wrap bacon around it, and grill it"

Me : " " Nothing, I'm not breathing at this point.....

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Marla said...

this is good... very good... he really is just so damn funny