Monday, January 12, 2009

Vlogging Rated R

So I'm following this lady in her Moon-Rover. And in our state, you can have license plates for every interest. If you are interested in Blogs, you can have a license plate that reads: "Blog Rhymes With God". If you are interested in Llamas : "My Llama Beat Up Your Honor Student"

And so anyways, this lady in her Moon-Rover apparently takes special interest in kids.

"Kids First" it says...

Kids First. Go kids. I know for a fact it deals with kid's and their safety. Keep 'em safe she says.

I dig it. I'm down. And she's driving a Moon-Rover with enough girth to make a dent in a bunker made of Krypton.

Why then, do I see three of her kids bouncing around in her car practicing for their next Tae Kwon Do belt test? Does "Kids First" really mean : "Kids First Ones Out The Windshield As Projectiles"?

Why is the kid who found Mommy's .9 mm in her purse and received a self inflicted gunshot wound, the same kid that has never had any vaccines, because, "vaccines can mess kids up"? So can lead poisoning, I say...

Why do parents want to talk about what a special smile their kid had..or how much they will miss their child, and those same parents act so confused when their child is tossed from a car, because they just haven't yet understood the small silver part of the buckle clicks into the bigger black part??


They say.

Why? Because you let them ride their bike without a helmet down a busy street, and you have no idea where they've been for 2 hours.

Awww...look at that. Look at Billy help Daddy cut the grass.


They say.

Why? Because 3 year olds fuck around and shouldn't be anywhere NEAR a lawnmower, and neither should his dumb-ass father.

I'm not perfect. At All.

Far from it. I'm stupid at times.

But I'm tired of people being so fucking stupid it defies stupidity. I'm tired of people doing some of the dumbest shit, and then moaning and moaning about it, and then people sympathizing all over them for it....."aww, the poor soul....lost her boy.."

Well. Yes. I know. Not very nice of me. Sometimes I'm nicer, I suppose. I do sympathize. There are mistakes. Misinformation. Miseducation. I get it. I do. I've done it. I have.

But when people repeatedly do some of the blatant things, I don't get it. Um. Car seats. Been around for awhile. Seatbelts. Longer.

Guns. We know what they do. Or rather...we know what the "people who use them" do.

(cite NRA)

Heads. We know they dent pretty easily.

Large sharp whirring blades....cut things.

I could go on.

I'm just vlogging. Vent/Blog. Look it up in Wiki.

Ok...gotta go. The boy needs a ride to the gas station to fill up the can. His chain saw is running low on fuel, and he's not done with the tree pruning just yet..


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